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Spruce Moose Lodge and Cottages
Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast in the White Mountains

Don't put your dogs in a kennel or leave them home with a dog sitter!
Some vacation getaways are perfect to bring your family fur members with you!
dog pawYes, Dogs love to travel and need a fun vacation too! :)Dog Friendly Cottage Rentals

Bring your canine family with you on vacation to the Spruce Moose Lodge and Cottages!

We have Dog Friendly Cottages / Cabin Rentals, and Jacuzzi Bungalows!

All our North Conway Cottage Rentals are dog friendly!!

New Hampshire Dog Friendly B&BNew Hampshire Dog Friendly B&B

  • We ONLY allow DOG guests in our North Conway Cottages and Jacuzzi Bungalows. It's a terrific option so you dog doesn't have to be put in a kennel. You can all relax and unwind together.dog sign Your dog must be quiet and non-aggressive toward other pets and humans. 
  • Please keep your dog on a leash when taking them for a walk around your cottage or on our grounds.
  • Dog owners, you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Our guests prefer Poop-Free shoes! ;)
  • The dog owner hereby agrees that the Spruce Moose Lodge is Not held responsible for Any loss, injury or accident suffered by your dog while he/she is a visitor here. You need to keep a watchful eye on your dogs both inside and outside.
  • The dog owner also agrees that Any damage or injury caused by your dog to our property, or to other guests or their pets, it is your sole responsibility and liability, not ours.
  • You will still be responsible for all damages and lodging costs if you are evicted for non-compliance. Safety is our utmost concern for you, your dog, and all our guests.
  • Any violation of our dog policy will cause eviction of the pet and owner off the premise.

New Hampshire B&B
FYI: The WOOF on Your Barking Dogs!

Please... Do Not Ignore your dog's barking!!! (yelling at him/her to 'shut up' qualifies as ignoring).

Your dog will bark even more if he has not been successful in getting your attention!!
Dogs alert other pack members by barking. You are the "alpha" of your family pack.

It is Your Job to check things out and make sure your dog and surroundings are OK.
New Hampshire B&B

Dog Friendly B andB - Spruce Moose Lodge in White Mountains New Hampshire
New Hampshire Dog Friendly B&BNew Hampshire Dog Friendly Inn

Spruce Moose Lodge is a supporter of:
Adopt a Pet! Give a Furry Kid a Home! You'll be Glad You Did!

Love animals? Please Help all our Furry Friends by donating to Your Local Animal Shelters!
Do NOT BUY a dog or cat when the shelters are FULL of Beautiful, Loving Fur Babies!
 They are all DESPERATELY WAITING for their Forever Homes!

Come Stay at Spruce Moose Lodge in North Conway NH!

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